Bhinneka.com prepares a business development strategy

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The digital platform Bhinneka.com has prepared a number of strategies to develop business in the midst of increasingly fierce competition in similar industries in the country.

Chief of Commercial and Omnichannel Bhinneka.com Vensia Tjhin in Jakarta, Wednesday said that the digital trading sector is currently excited and corporate actions in the form of mergers and acquisitions have been carried out by a number of companies to consolidate their business.

“In the midst of increasingly fierce competition, we have prepared a corporate strategy in developing its business. We are preparing 2-3 things that can make us win the market,” he said in a written statement.

Currently, Bhinneka is working on six business lines, ranging from Information Technology (IT) and Maintenance, Repair & Operational (MRO) products. digital printing solutions, offline store and service center, business solution, B2B2B platforms marketplace, until digital products.

Of the six integrated business lines, offline store & service center become one of the backbone of the strategy omnichannel Bhinneka. Meanwhile, in terms of sales, the proportion of products at Bhinneka.com is relatively balanced.

During the COVID-19 pandemic from the PSBB to PPKM, the IT product category (gadgets, computers, desktops, notebooks) and MRO dominate transactions on Bhinneka.com, along with medical equipment (medical masks, disinfectant liquids, swab test packages, and others) which have increased during the pandemic.

“There are transactions that go up, there are also those that go down. Some sectors have slowed down, but some have increased, so they are fairly balanced,” said Vensia.

In developing its business, he continued, Bhinneka serves procurement (eProcurement) which offers cost efficiencies of up to 25 percent per year through the Bhinneka Bisnis platform (business-to-business/B2B), and in collaboration with LKPP for government procurement by offering 150,000 SKUs out of 9,000 suppliers.

As one of the players in B2B e-commerce Indonesia, currently Bhinneka.com also offers several products to help digital acceleration in corporations, organizations (including universities), as well as government agencies such as local governments/municipal governments that build a lot of e-marketplace to improve public services and encourage regional income, including so that local MSMEs can go online.

“With the technology we provide, many corporations, organizations and institutions can save their investment budget for the development of this e-marketplace,” he said.

Currently, there are at least 10 local/municipal governments in the process with Bhinneka.Com. The target is that by the end of this year there will be 5 e-marketplaces owned by local governments that will be go live.

“Meanwhile, on the organizational, community, university side, there are almost 30 that we are working on, 2 e-marketplace belongs to the university already go live, and following some soon go live in this Q4,” he said.

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Reporter: Subagyo
Editor: Suryanto


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