How Nia Dinata wakes up the dystopia universe in the movie “A World Without”

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Director Nia Dinata has tried various ways to build a dystopian universe in the film “A World Without” which has a future background, namely 2030, including by paying attention to location elements and costumes.

“We chose 2030 because the time is not too far away, but it can still be seen as the future. Therefore, costumes and locations are important elements to create the universe in this film,” said Nia Dinata, Tuesday.

Nia said she looked for inspiration for the set of locations and buildings by looking at the 2010 pictures. Apparently, according to her, she couldn’t find much change in ten years.

In addition, Nia also acts as a production designer in collaboration with Ricardo Marpaung so that The Light building can reflect the mysterious side and upscale background of Ali (Chicco Jerikho) and Sofia (Ayushita).

“Stylish building art deco, architecture from the 1920’s that looks timeless. We also take inspiration from the Netflix series ‘The OA’ which is set in the not-so-distant future,” Nia explained.

“After agreeing that the perfect set design was an ancient building that was renovated with a modern touch, the crew went to Bandung to look for a historic building as the exterior,” he continued.

Meanwhile, for costume matters, Nia collaborated with costume designers Tania Soeprapto and Isabelle Patricia who worked with fashion designer Indonesia such as Wilsen Willim, Uglyism, Wong Hang Tailor, Surya Abduh, and Mahija Jewelry.

Nia said she imagines that the world will adapt to the situation after the pandemic so that people choose to wear clothes that can provide protection.

Therefore, Nia said, the new members of The Light wore something long and equipped hoodies.

“For senior members, the costumes are a little looser and shorter because they have felt comfortable with each other,” said Nia.

The film “A World Without” tells the story of three friends who choose to join The Light, an organization that promises a better future. However, the organization is apparently surrounded by mystery.

The film premiered on October 14 on Netflix and stars Amanda Rawles, Asmara Abigail, Maizura, Chicco Jerikho, Ayushita, Jerome Kurnia, Dira Sugandi, and Richard Kyle.

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Reporter: Suci Nurhaliza
Editor: Alviansyah Pasaribu


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