If I Had Everything Would It Mean Anything

Top 380 Lewis Carroll Quotes 2021 Update Quotefancy

Top 380 Lewis Carroll Quotes 2021 Update Quotefancy.

That would mean John, if he was so inclined, would have to figure out a way to get a sample of 20 things to bring back. In the end, I would say it is an idiom used to emphasize that the totality of all the elements of something is under consideration. Yes, it is a little wordy and can be redundant. Everything means "all things", whereas anything means "any one thing". He will eat anything. Sorry, no offense, but it doesn't go like that: "If he will eat everything, you will not have any food left", unless you want to question whether or not he wants to eat everything.

Fanart of a pic in the Sailor Moon manga, Vol. 10, Chapter 33 (infinity 10). Thank you very much for your congratulations !! I had a wonderful 32nd birthday!! ...Oooh, my word, this is gorgeous~! Thank-you so much for the mention, I am so glad you have a lovely birthday! If I had everything, would it mean anything.

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