JobStreet will hold Virtual Career Fair from October 14 to 16

Jakarta (ANTARA) – JobStreet Indonesia again holds a Virtual Career Fair from October 14 to 16, 2021, which will present 270 companies and thousands of job vacancies.

“This Virtual Career Fair is the fifth and it is the largest in Indonesia. We have thousands of job vacancies in just 3 days. 270 companies also join this Virtual Career Fair,” said Sawitri Hertoto as Country Marketing Manager JobStreet Indonesia during an online discussion, Monday.

The Virtual Career Fair event is also a collaboration with the Pre-Employment Card. Denni Puspa Purbasari as the Executive Director of the Pre-Employment Card Program, hopes that with this collaboration, JobStreet and the Pre-Employment Card can create a better life with the program.


“JobStreet with its power, with its reach I consider it has power. Hopefully hand in hand with the Pre-Employment ecosystem, this is then a manifestation of responsibility from a big player, namely JobStreet, to jointly create a better life for Pre-employment friends,” said Denni.

In this Virtual Career Fair, Sawitri explained that JobStreet will provide features Chat Booth and Live Chat. So that through this feature, all Virtual Career Fair participants can interact directly with the company.

“We also have Chat booth and Llive chat. So, we can chat directly with HR from the company through this feature. They (HR) can also directly do interview if you are really interested in the candidate. So really the response is much faster than outside the Virtual Career Fair,” he said.

In addition, Sawitri also explained that his party has prepared 20 webinars and mentors who will guide job seekers in the Virtual Career Coatch.

“We have prepared this webinar for job seekers to really understand the company and what is needed from the company. career coatch to ask the same career coatch us,” said Sawitri.

To take part in the Virtual Career Fair, participants can register through the official JobStreet website and enter their address e-mail and create a JobStreet account.

“Don’t forget to prepare a good CV, updates profile on the JobStreet platform. So October 14 to 16 are busier to look for companies and vacancies, then you can also take part in webinars from companies,” said Sawitri.

Reporter: Lifia Mawaddah Putri
Editor: Maria Rosary Dwi Putri


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