Pertamina expands aviation fuel sales to 47 countries

Pertamina’s strategic partnership for avtur distribution is not only centered in the Southeast Asian region, but also to Europe and the Middle East.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Limited Liability Company Pertamina Patra Niaga continues to expand sales of aviation products, one of which is aviation fuel, by entering the market to 47 countries.

Acting Corporate Secretary Irto Ginting in his statement in Jakarta, Tuesday, said that his party has served the aviation fuel needs in 128 locations in the world spread across 47 countries through strategic partnership schemes since 2014.

“The strategic partnership we run is a model Contracting Company Delivering Company otherwise known as Conco Delco,” he said.

Irto explained that the strategic partnership was a scheme best practice in the aviation industry so that the highest total distribution of avtur reached more than 700,000 kiloliters in 2019.

Pertamina’s strategic partnership for avtur distribution is not only centered in the Southeast Asian region, but also to Europe and the Middle East.

In 2020, the highest distribution volume was in Thailand, which reached 20 percent of the total distribution of aviation fuel abroad.

The second position is followed by Japan which reaches more than 14 percent, while for Europe and the Middle East it is also quite high, especially in the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia with the percentage of distribution in these two countries almost reaching 8 percent of the total international distribution.

Meanwhile, from the airline side, it was noted that Conco Delco Pertamina does not only focus on domestic airlines serving international flight routes.

Last year, Philippine and Japanese airlines occupied the top positions of the five airlines with the highest volume of aviation fuel distribution.

“This proves that our avtur service footprint has been recognized and can compete with various companies in the aviation industry,” said Irto.

Pertamina experienced a significant decline in the distribution of aviation fuel during the COVID-19 pandemic due to declining demand and the limited number of flights.

Since the pandemic, the company has used this situation to evaluate and improve the quality and effectiveness of aviation fuel services abroad.

One of the steps taken by the company, said Irto, was to align the business with Pertamina International Marketing & Distribution as a company trading arm abroad.

The company will make strategic adjustments in expanding the aviation fuel business in the future.

The next step is to strengthen the digitization system as an effort to strengthen the mechanism that supports aviation fuel distribution services.

“We hope that in the future the aviation business will improve, and we can continue to expand Pertamina’s international aviation aviation business network,” concluded Irto.

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Reporter: Sugiharto Purnama
Editor: D.Dj. Kliwantoro


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