Social media is considered to be an effective promotion tool for PON XX Papua

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Acting Coordinator of Marketing for the XX Papua National Sports Week (PB PON) Karsudi said that social media platforms such as TikTok can be an effective means to promote the national sports competition.

According to Karsudi, TikTok has now become one of the most popular social media platforms in various circles, making it suitable to be used as a means of promoting PON XX Papua.

“I am very happy when TikTok wants to work with us. We don’t want any profit because what we want is how PON XX Papua can be better known by the wider audience,” Karsudi said in a virtual discussion, Thursday.

Karsudi also said that through promotions on TikTok, many people were very curious and enthusiastic to witness the closing of the XX Papua PON which will be held October 15, 2021.

Moreover, according to Karsudi, at the closing ceremony of PON XX Papua, many artists will be present to enliven the event, such as NOAH and Agnez Mo.

“I think TikTok has become very integrated with various groups, especially young people and they are very enthusiastic to see the PON closing performance later,” said Karsudi.

Karsudi said his party saw that at least 500 million people had watched the XX Papua PON event, far exceeding the initial target of 300 million viewers.

“Of course, with the closing agenda later, I think it will be doubled,” he added.

Karsudi hopes that in the future, TikTok will not only promote sports activities that take place in Papua, but also as a means to publicize other potentials that Papua has.

“At least, through TikTok we can promote Papua with its various potentials. Potentials related to natural resources, tourism, and culture are also expected to be encouraged through TikTok,” he concluded.

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Reporter: Suci Nurhaliza
Editor: Alviansyah Pasaribu


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