The need for software for “environmental intelligence”

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The software company IBM recently announced the launch of a suite of environmental intelligence software that utilizes Artificial Intelligence or AI.

This launch was made by IBM to help companies prepare for and respond to weather and climate risks that could disrupt business, more easily assess their impact on the planet, and reduce the complexity of regulatory compliance and reporting.

Companies face climate-related damage to their assets, disruptions to supply chains and operations, and growing expectations from consumers and investors to emerge as environmentally conscious companies.

“The future of business and the environment is closely linked. Not only will companies address the impact of extreme weather disturbances on their operations, but shareholders and regulators will also hold companies accountable for how their operations impact the planet,” said IBM AI Applications General Manager Kareem Yusuf in a press statement, quoted Thursday.

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Extreme weather, failure to anticipate climate change, and human-caused environmental damage were cited as the top three most likely risks to businesses over the next ten years according to the World Economic Forum’s “Global Risks Report 2021”.

IBM says it needs actionable environmental insights to address these challenges, but current methods are often cumbersome and complex – requiring intensive manual labor, climate and data science skills, and computing power.

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite, announced some time ago, aims to help companies streamline and automate environmental risk management and operationalize underlying processes, including carbon accounting and reduction, to meet environmental goals.

This suite leverages existing weather data from IBM, the most accurate provider globally, advanced geospatial analytics already used by companies around the world, and new innovations from IBM Research.

This offering is the first to bring together AI, weather data, climate risk analytics and carbon accounting capabilities in this regard – allowing organizations to spend less resources collating complex data, and analyzing it more to gain insights and take action to improve performance. their operation.

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite is a SaaS solution (software as a service) designed to help companies monitor disruptive environmental conditions such as severe weather, forest fires, floods, and air quality, as well as send alerts/alerts when they are detected.

The suite is also capable of predicting the potential impacts of climate change and weather across the business using climate risk analysis, gaining insight/analysis of potential operational disruptions and prioritizing mitigation and response efforts. The suite is also capable of measuring and reporting on environmental initiatives and operationalizing carbon accounting, while reducing the burden of this reporting on procurement and operations teams.

This suite provides environmental insights or analysis through APIs, dashboards, maps, and alerts that can help companies address immediate operational challenges as well as long-term planning and strategy.

For example, this suite can be used to help retailers prepare for delivery and inventory disruptions related to severe weather, or environmental risk factors, to warehouse locations.

Energy and utility companies can determine where to trim vegetation around power lines or which critical assets will be at greater risk of forest fires due to climate change.

The suite can also be used to help supermarkets get a clearer picture of how cooling systems contribute to their overall greenhouse gas emissions and prioritize locations for improvement.

“IBM brings together the power of AI and hybrid cloud to provide businesses with environmental intelligence designed to help them improve environmental performance, operations and reporting, create more efficient business operations to reduce resource consumption, and plan for resilience in the face of climate disruption,” said Kareem. .

Companies around the world are already using many of the AI ​​technologies found in the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite.

For example, IBM environmental data and geospatial analytics are being used by Brazilian Ethanol, Bioelectricity and sugar company BP Bunge Bioenergia to help them better understand agricultural sugarcane production and improve market forecasts/analysis on global sugar production. This solution is also being used by leading agribusiness, Cajamar, to help farmers in Spain to increase yields and reduce environmental impact through its digital Plataforma Tierra tool.

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite also leverages IBM Research’s AI-driven innovations that make it easier for climate and data scientists to analyze very large environmental data sets, as well as a new climate risk modeling framework used to generate data about future fire and flood risks.

Additionally, the suite will leverage IBM Research’s unique technology that applies natural language processing and automation designed to help companies estimate carbon emissions and identify opportunities to reduce them across their operations or with suppliers.

The Environmental Intelligence Suite can be integrated with IBM’s wider software portfolio for added efficiency across business operations – including the IBM Maximo Application Suite to help enterprises protect and extend the lifecycle of their critical assets and the IBM Supply Chain Intelligence Suite to help build more sustainable supply chains and tough.

Enterprises can also leverage the cross-industry expertise of IBM Global Business Services to help design, implement, and accelerate the transformation journey of their business environment.

This strategy includes reimagining operations, supply chains, emissions management, or ESG and reporting climate risk with the help of emerging technologies to help organizations meet their environmental goals.

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By Maria Rosari Dwi Putri
Editor: Alviansyah Pasaribu


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