The reason Jerome Kurnia is interested in joining the film “A World Without”

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Actor Jerome Kurnia said the film “A World Without” had a very positive message so that he did not hesitate to accept the offer to play in the film, which was directed and written by Nia Dinata with Lucky Kuswandi.

“When the story is told, it really has a very positive message and I really want it. I am grateful to finally be a part of that message,” said Jerome during a virtual meeting on Tuesday (12/10).

Jerome also said, for that reason he was willing to do various ways to adjust his schedule so that he could play in the film.

“There was a problem schedule. But still, how do I make the schedule fit, so I can participate in the film ‘A World Without’,” said Jerome.

Jerome then told the process of filming “A World Without”, according to which the whole team always prepared everything well.

“So we’vebrief clearly, later about the technology at that time like this and how to use it. So we know the moves we have to do,” said Jerome.

“The team is amazing, they really help us. Time reading also been notified. So when we arrived at the shooting location, we weren’t confused anymore,” he continued.

Besides Jerome Kurnia, the film “A World Without” which will air on October 14, 2021 on Netflix also stars Amanda Rawles, Maizura, Asmara Abigail, Ayushita, Chicco Jerikho, Dira Sugandi, and Richard Kyle.

The film is set in 2030, tells the story of three friends who join The Light, an organization that promises a good future for its members. However, the organization turns out to be surrounded by mystery.

Before starring in “A World Without”, Jerome Kurnia successfully stole the attention of fans through his acting in the film “Bumi Manusia”. He also starred in the film “Copier of Light” which did world premiere at the 2021 Busan International Film Festival.

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Reporter: Suci Nurhaliza
Editor: Suryanto


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